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M²S - Microseismic Monitoring System

M²S is a microseismic monitoring system based on the integration of geophysical data  developed with national technology. The system was specifically designed for the monitoring and safety of geotechnical structures such as dams and slopes. 

  • Uniaxial and Triaxial Sensors

  • Full Wireless System

  • Hardware/Software

  • Interactive dashboard

LOGO M2S_V3.png

Microseismic Monitoring


Microseismic monitoring is a seismic technique based on the identification, classification and analysis of low magnitude events recorded at seismic stations.



Conventional approach monitoring natural and anthropogenic active sources from seismograms to obtain seismic source parameters;


Passive approach, in which ambient noise is used, based on the seismic interferometry technique to monitor the variation in speed in the environment.

M²S - Data and Results


Temporal and spatial location

Hypocentral Distance

Corner Frequency

Seismic Moment

Local and Momentum Magnitude

PGV vs. Frequency (ABNT standard)

Variation of speed over time and space (interferometry)

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