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Invision Technology


HighSeis is INVISION's workflow that uses a set of specific processing technologies to increase signal-to-noise ratio and seismic resolution based on conventional and multispectral filtering

Seismic Data

Gathers preconditioning


Multiple filtering, random and coherent noise

Data Enhancement

Gathers residual alignment


High resolution radon for multiple suppression.


Application for generic filtering or selective data reconstruction using multispectral transforms.


Application for recovering the effects of the dispersion attenuation Q factor.


Application for correction of residual moveout by wavelet transform.


Application to increase the seismic resolution using a new algorithm for Spike deconvolution.

Seismic preconditioning


Original seismic data

Enhanced Seismic Data with HighSeis

The combination of multispectral filtering and resolution enhancement tools allows you to extract as much information as possible from the seismic data and reveal subtle features that were hidden under the noise.



HS-Strat is the high-resolution inversion stream designed to extract the maximum amount of information contained in the seismic. By estimating the elastic properties of the medium from the HighSeis seismic, a suitable resolution level for the separation of lithological and fluid effects is achieved.


AVO inversion application to obtain AVO reflectivities using linear approximations of Zoepritz equations.


Nonlinear inversion application to obtain acoustic impedance and convert reflectivities derived from AVO inversion into interval properties.


Seismic Inversion

low frequency model


Advanced Conventional.

Stratified model


Applications of the inversion algorithm include problems of seismic interpretation, definition and discrimination of exploratory targets, reservoir characterization and production monitoring through coupled inversions of 4D seismic data.



HS-RockVision is INVISION's workflow that uses specific technologies for reconciliation
of well data, calibration of rock physics models and construction of probabilistic classifiers
useful for petrophysical inference.


Profiles and  

A testimony

Probabilistic network for recognition of the various seismic facies in the well (Target Facies)

Physical Calibration

of rock


Seismic Facies

Seismic Inversion

Petrophysical Inference

3D Faces

Application for facial recognition from well calibrations.


Application for petrophysical inference from the elastic parameters of the medium, following the facies model.

Porosities and Saturation estimated from P and S and Facies impedances


The ability to determine heterogeneities and fluid content variations in the reservoir is of strategic importance in the preparation and execution of the field development plan and production management. INVISION develops solutions to provide quality information for reservoir engineering, ultimately aiming at increasing the oil recovery factor.

Technology from our partners

OpendTect Software

print software cópia.jpg

Seismic Interpretation Platform

OpendTect is an integrated platform for analyzing and interpreting seismic data.

Invision is the exclusive representative of OpendTect in Brazil and offers training and software support services


For more information about OpendTect, go to:

Software training and support

I2G Cloud

I2G Cloud Software

I2G Cloud is an Online platform for petrophysical interpretation and well data management.


Invision is the exclusive representative of I2G Cloud in Brazil and offers training and software support services.

For more information about I2G Cloud, go to:

GIF-I2G Cloud.gif

Online Petrophysical Interpretation Platform


R3 Software

R3 software enables operators, banks, consultants, national oil companies and government agencies to manage assets simply, accurately and efficiently.

Invision is the exclusive representative of R3 software in Brazil and offers training and support services.

For more information about R3 go to:


Petroleum Reserves Assessment and Management System

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